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EdSmart – The New Place For ParentPaperwork

Your School Organisation System. The smart decision for smart schools.

EdSmart is a cloud-based School Organisation System (SOS) for streamlining and enhancing daily school administration and relationship management. 

EdSmart is unlike any other other school administration platform available. Why? It functions by integrating with all school databases and transfers data between systems. 

Data interoperability and integration is the key that increases the potential of the EdSmart SOS and makes it so incredibly powerful.

The EdSmart SOS acts as the third pillar of your school administration.

It redefines the organisational structure of your information, opening your school to new, progressive methods for managing workflows, engagement and culture.

EdSmart helps schools run smarter.

EdSmart Pillars
EdSmart integrate icon

Integrates with your existing IT ecosystem

to extract data and pre-populate your workflows.

EdSmart workflow icon

Designs workflows and best practice

forms, reports, reminders, approvals and so much more.

EdSmart form icon

Creates any type of form for anyone

as well as collecting and safeguarding important, sensitive data.

EdSmart comunicate icon

Communicates efficiently

by effortlessly integrating with emails, SMS, ParentPortals and in-app.

EdSmart Protect

Protects, cares and supports

with secured data, ongoing training, free upgrades and health checks.

EdSmart evolve icon

Evolves with your school’s needs

with new modules, updates and user-friendliness added regularly.

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Learn more about what
EdSmart can do for your school

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Find out how EdSmart can power
your school’s administration

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“We have been using EdSmart for 18 months and have had amazing feedback from our parents. They love that they feel closely involved with their sons’ education – and don’t have to hassle them for those notes from the bottom of the school bag!”

St Virgil's College, Tasmania, Australia

“A short note of thanks to recognise the wonderful work you and the team are doing to ensure EdSmart is being effectively rolled out. You and the team are so professional, supportive and keen to assist – and follow up within a matter of days with a tailored solution.”

Radford College, ACT, Australia

“We thoroughly recommend EdSmart and know that it has further enhanced our sense of community.”

St Virgil's College, Tasmania, Australia

“We tried our first student trip notification yesterday and within less than six hours we have a 50% return rate on responses! Amazing!”

Appleby College, Ontario, Canada

“In these times of risk management, our staff have felt great assurance that parents have provided permission or are aware of the learning activities that their son is about to participate in.”

St Virgil's College, Tasmania, Australia

“The desire to meet our needs and modify where required is so refreshingly surprising and appreciated. I am grateful for the extra yards you and the team go to. You have a great product.”

Radford College, ACT, Australia

“It has also saved us a great deal in terms of phone calls, staff time and paper wastage, and that is consistent with our commitment to environmental sustainability.”

St Virgil's College, Tasmania, Australia