EdSmart Enterprise

A digital-first administrative operations and engagement platform for school jurisdictions and Multi-Academy Trusts.

EdSmart understands the importance of oversight in a school hierarchy and network. That’s why we created our Enterprise platform.

Enterprise provides the tools needed to manage your jurisdiction’s hierarchy and network, allowing it to run efficiently, effectively and safely.

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EdSmart Enterprise is...

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Key Functionality

EdSmart Enterprise is a digital first platform, underpinned by latest solution architecture and designed expressly to provide jurisdictional functionality and insights.

Enterprise is a growing and improving product, with new functionality being developed continually in response to customer needs.

Track Onboarding

Monitor and report EdSmart onboarding progress in your schools and achievement of deployment milestones.

Measuring Success

Define and report on the success of digitisation software products including EdSmart across your schools.

Form Templates

Ensure all your schools are capturing and managing personal information correctly and are adhering to your policies and procedures.

Activity Risk

Monitor risk evaluation across excursions and activities conducted by your schools, drawing on real-time predictions of risk changes and utilising the latest in machine learning-driven predictive risk intelligence.

Exchange forms between school staff and head office

Quickly and easily exchange forms through workflows between staff in your schools and your head office.

Broadcasts to staff, students and caregivers

Send one-way Broadcasts via email, SMS and app to parents, students and staff, including pre-set emergency message templates.

Send Forms to students and caregivers

Send forms to any group of parents or students across your schools and report on and analyse responses.

Staff user management

Manage which staff are allocated to what school for EdSmart and manage their permissions across the platform.

Certifications and Qualifications

Be confident that all your staff hold all the current certifications and qualifications necessary for their ongoing employment.

Take control of your school jurisdiction with EdSmart Enterprise

Connect school communities and their workflows, control risk and compliance, create more staff time.

That’s how schools flow with EdSmart, your School Organisation System.

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