EdSmart is Massively Reduced
Staff Workload

Teachers, school staff, and school leaders deserve support and resources that enable them to manage their ballooning workloads with confidence and ease.

EdSmart reduces staff workload in schools by automating administrative tasks such as consent forms, communication and record-keeping, streamlining processes, and providing a centralised platform for managing operations efficiently.

Automated Forms & Workflows

EdSmart provides automated forms and workflows that enable staff to streamline tasks such as student enrolment, parent-teacher conferences, and permission slips.

Paperless Processes

EdSmart eliminates the need for paper-based processes, which are time-consuming and error-prone.

Staff can create and send digital forms and documents, track responses, and receive notifications in real time.

Screengrab of Professional Development Form on the EdSmart platform
Screengrab of Professional Development Form on the EdSmart platform

Integration with Existing Systems

EdSmart integrates with many of your existing systems. Staff have efficient access to all the relevant data they need in one place.

Transform Your School with EdSmart

Connect school communities and their workflows, control risk and compliance, create more staff time.

That’s how schools flow with EdSmart, your School Organisation System.

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