EdSmart is Excellent
Parent Engagement

Strong engagement between schools and their parent body cultivates a collaborative approach to education that benefits everyone – teachers, students, parents, and the broader school community.

EdSmart ensures that parents are engaged and informed about their child’s education, leading to better outcomes for students.

Personalised communication

EdSmart allows staff members to send personalised communications to parents, based on granular specifics, such as a child’s grade level or class.

This ensures that parents receive targeted information that is relevant to their child’s education.

Mobile Access

EdSmart is accessible on mobile devices, which makes it easy for parents to access the platform on the go.

Parents can stay connected with their child’s school and education, no matter where they are.

EdSmart app showing students on a slip filter page

What stands out about EdSmart is the speed of response and quality of response. It is quick and easy, therefore, we are getting the information we want, when we want it.

User-friendly Interface

EdSmart provides a clean and user-friendly interface that makes it simple for parents to access and engage with the platform.

Parents can navigate the platform and access the information they need easily.

View of Parent's EdSmart screen, awaiting response for one form
View of Parent's EdSmart screen, awaiting response for one form
View of Parent's EdSmart screen, awaiting response for one form


EdSmart automates many administrative tasks, such as sending out newsletters, collecting forms, and requesting parent feedback, so that parents receive information in a timely manner.

Transform Your School with EdSmart

Connect school communities and their workflows, control risk and compliance, create more staff time.

That’s how schools flow with EdSmart, your School Organisation System.

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