Watch panels, presentations and instructional sessions from our library of webinars.

EdSmart Essentials #1 - Maximise Your EdSmart Experience

This EdSmart Essentials webinar is the first in an instructional series run by our Customer Success team, designed to make ‘EdSmarties’ out of all our EdSmart customers.

Is your school struggling with data security?

Join David Eedle, EdSmart, James Lacey, CTRL Group, and Thomas Blackwood, Head of ICT at Fahan School as they discuss the actions schools can take to better protect data. 

What does A-grade digital transformation look like in schools?

EdSmart co-founder, Fiona Boyd and Thomas Blackwood, Head of ICT at Fahan School, address the finer points of digital transformation in schools: What does it involve? Should you limit the input of staff, students and stakeholders? How do you know when it’s being done ‘right’?

How to get cracking with EdSmart Payments

This webinar takes you inside the EdSmart Platform where you’ll find out about the benefits and practical steps for elevating your school administration to the next level of efficiency and automation. EdSmart Payments is available at no extra charge to all EdSmart customers (no transactional fees if you pass minimal charge to payers).

What does COVID normal look like for school leaders in 2021?

In our third and final instalment in the big thinkers series, four school leaders from around Australia discuss how they are adjusting to ‘COVID Normal’ and share insights from their experiences in 2020 that will be used to inform processes in 2021.

How are big thinkers handling finance and HR?

Our big thinkers return in this free webinar to discuss how they are handling key issues in finance and HR in 2020.

Emergency Management for COVID-19 Webinar

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Fiona Boyd, and Schools Advisor, Sam Sapuppo, go through emergency action plans and implementation for schools and school networks during the COVID-19 crisis, especially as schools globally move toward remote learning.

Customise Your Dashboard Webinar

Customise Your Dashboard is a back-to-basics instructional webinar – one that you could consider a demonstration of EdSmart’s platform. We’ll get you familiar with our dashboard so you can see the practical power of EdSmart and how it could work for you.

Powerful Digital Workflows for Schools Webinar

This webinar explores the benefits of digital workflows and how schools can enhance and streamline their usage through EdSmart. We feature an outstanding walkthrough video from one of our Smart Schools, All Saints’ College in WA.

EdSmart x CompliSpace (SafeTripBuilder) Webinar

EdSmart has partnered with CompliSpace to integrate their excursion risk management solution – SafeTripBuilder – with your EdSmart excursion management workflow. Presented by CompliSpace’s Managing Director, David Griffiths, this webinar will explore the partnership between CompliSpace (SafeTripBuilder) and EdSmart.

'All About Excursions'

Excursions and activities are integral to a complete learning experience, so it’s likely your school’s excursion, activities and camp programs are high on your curriculum agenda.In this webinar, we examine best-practice for excursions and activities, and demonstrate how the EdSmart platform can be used as a solution to meet excursion requirements.

EdSmart x Schoolbox - Tools for Smarter Schools Webinar

EdSmart and Schoolbox take you through all the nitty-gritty details of our partnership. This exclusive webinar invites you to deep dive into our robust integration and will cover topics such as why we partnered together,the results schools are achieving through our shared technology, a deep-dive on the integration and its functionality, and the plans for our future roadmap.

Connect school communities and their workflows, control risk and compliance, create more staff time.

That’s how schools flow with EdSmart, your School Organisation System.

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