EdSmart offers both credit and debit card payment facilities within our forms with no setup or ongoing costs, powered by School EasyPay. *


* Currently only available for Australian schools.

Payments is an easy-to-use, tailor-made solution for collecting all types of school fees and charges. The functionality is powered by School EasyPay, which is used by leading schools across Australia.

If your school chooses to pass the minimal processing fees to the payer, it comes at no cost – whatsoever – to your school.

Turn on Payments Now

  1. Email [email protected] with the subject line ‘I would like EdSmart Payments for my school’;
  2. Our Customer Success Team will provide you with your school profile details and notify you of your activation, generally within 48 hours of your request;
  3. Start taking payments in EdSmart.
Payments flow

Configure Payments

Enable and configure payment options when setting up your EdSmart form. Payments can be ‘always required’ or only if the form response is ‘positive’. Enter your internal account or reference code for the payment. This will be reported as part of the reconciliation.

Payments in EdSmart Forms

The Payments option displays as part of the forms you send. There’s no need to make offline and separate payments. Everything is neatly organised for reconciliation through EdSmart as part of the one workflow.

Secure and Fast

EdSmart Payments are fast and secure. Any credit or debit card can be used, and School EasyPay is a PCI DSS Level 1 solution.

Detailed Reconciliation Reports

Reconciliation reports, are sent to your school in several formats – .PDF (view friendly/manual reconciliation), .PAY (integrates with Synergetic), .CSV, and another format that integrates specifically with TASS.


Click the button to email us and mention ‘I would like EdSmart Payments for my school’. We will provide you with your school profile details and switch on the integration. Then you’re ready to take payments!