EdSmart is a web browser based online tool to capture information and responses for your childrens’ activities. Your school purchases an annual subscription to the EdSmart system and uses it to distribute online forms for you to complete and submit.

Why do schools use EdSmart?

If you stop and think about it, schools spend considerable amounts of time managing paper forms, even a modest sized school is creating, copying, distributing and collating hundreds and hundreds of paper forms every year. By switching to online forms the school is able to save many, many hours of staff time, and free up that time for more important activities, like teaching and supporting your children. And of course reducing paper usage is also fantastic for the environment.

How does it work for a parent?

After an email or SMS notification, there is an online form waiting for you. You simply click the link shown in the email and a secure web page will open, containing information from the school, and various questions for you to complete and answer. Some forms include Google Maps, to show you where the activity is taking place. Some may have a calendar icon you can click to add the activity to your own electronic diary, like Outlook or Google Calendar.

Do I need to do anything to register or set up?

No. EdSmart does not use mobile apps or any special software. You do not need to register or set anything up. All you need is an email address and a web browser. And all the EdSmart web pages are specifically designed to work great on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

Is my information safe?

EdSmart stores your information in a secure data centre operated by Microsoft in Melbourne, Australia, and is compliant with all aspects of the relevant Australian privacy legislation. The information is only accessible to a select group of staff at your school. If you are a UK-based school you can read our Data Sharing Agreement.

Who is EdSmart?

EdSmart was founded by Fiona Boyd and David Eedle. They have a long track record with technology-based businesses, but also have three children and know the importance of making parents’ lives easier!