Smart Schools Use EdSmart

Founded in 2014, EdSmart is the digital-first administrative operations and engagement platform for schools and school jurisdictions – supporting digital transformation in over 1,200 schools in six countries, providing engagement and communication across in excess of 830,000 parents, 600,000 students and 72,000 staff.

Certified under ISO27001, EdSmart continues to evolve to meet the pressures and demands of increasingly regulated school environments from our headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. Partnering with EdSmart massively reduces school workloads and delivers digital efficiencies that give oversight across school governance, risk and compliance.

Save money, reduce administrative costs and streamline operations so you can focus on what matters most.

Schools run better and smarter with EdSmart.

EdSmart Co-Founders, David Eedle (left) and Fiona Boyd (right)

Transform Your School with EdSmart

Connect school communities and their workflows, control risk and compliance, create more staff time.

That’s how schools flow with EdSmart, your School Organisation System.

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