Onboarding & Implementation

Change Over

We uncover all the needs at your school that can be supported with EdSmart. This discovery helps us configure your data connection, the platform, train your staff and prepare your school community in the best way possible.


We coach you through your first official use of EdSmart with your community. We work closely with your team to ensure you get the best results possible and can replicate in future.


We review your EdSmart usage and processes and provide tailored tips and support to help you optimise further – for your team and everyone in your community receiving EdSmart communications.

Change Over

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  • Account Setup
  • Explanation of Onboarding Process
  • Preliminary Needs investigation
  • Intro to Data Connection

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  • Identify key staff & roles, school vision and data requirements
  • Discuss Data connection and security options

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  • Personalised Data connection Doc sent
  • Data configured
  • Run first data import
  • Review and Audit

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Set-Up & Testing

  • Personalisation of EdSmart Account and User Permissions
  • Template building for slips, forms and workflows

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  • How to make our EdSmart Support member a part of your school team
  • Training on Parent Slips and Broadcasts
  • Training on Internal School Forms
  • Training on Parent initiated forms
  • Training notes and manuals 

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  • Examples of EdSmart efficiency
  • Identifying staff interactions with EdSmart
  • Introduction to the community: Parents & Students

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EdSmart was founded in 2014 by parents and entrepreneurs Fiona Boyd and David Eedle, who grew tired of filling out endless school paperwork for their three children. 

Fiona – a former ABC broadcaster and start-up founder – and David – a successful technologist and founder – decided to help solve the problem.

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