Schools run better with EdSmart

Whether you’re an administrator, a principal, a teacher, a technology manager, risk and compliance officer, parent or student, EdSmart can transform and improve your everyday life at school by making things run better.

Reduce Costs

Schools are expensive to run and every dollar counts. By using EdSmart, schools are saving big on operational costs and creating new efficiencies; from printing and postage, to all important staff time spent on creating forms, chasing up responses, collecting and analysing data. And of course, they reduce their carbon footprint by tonnes and run greener.


Different schools and their communities need different solutions. EdSmart’s flexibility means you can use as few or as many features as you need, to solve the challenges your school faces over time. Dashboards are customisable so you can keep the information most meaningful to you and your team close to hand. Transform your school at the pace you set.

Engagement and Outcomes

The school year is full of events that engage the community – fundraisers, social gatherings, sports, concerts, ceremonies and more. Digitising and automating the paperwork that supports school life makes it easier for parents and the community to say yes and to get involved. Generate better, more consistent outcomes, and keep staff happier and healthier by letting technology reduce busywork.

Data and Insights

Schools need to make critical decisions every day based on actionable data, but too often that data is unavailable, or difficult to draw value from. EdSmart helps you generate and  manage useful data about school activity, compliance status, marketing or program success and much more. Use dashboards and aggregated reporting to get a high-level overview, or a detailed drill-down on school activity.

Safety and Security

Sleep peacefully knowing activities and processes are running smoothly and compliance has been completed or dealt with. Whether it’s a field trip, an internal staff event, or applications for a student exchange program, EdSmart protects end-to-end administrative processes with state-of-art security methods endorsed by government and peak bodies.

Change Partnership

Change is challenging, especially in complex organisations like schools. When you invest in EdSmart you’ll enjoy personal access to our team of educators and support specialists. They’ve helped hundreds of schools master the switch to digital administration, and to roll-out successful transformation programs within their communities that drive adoption and engagement.
When you succeed, we succeed.

Customer Experience

Time is precious. Make the right impression with parents and new teachers from the start by reducing burdensome administration and giving back the gift of time. Welcome aboard new staff or students by streamlining prospectus distribution, open-days, meetings, place offers, policy acceptances, co-curricular choices and more. Show that you invest in the best so you can protect and respect people’s time.

Continuous Improvement

School needs change moment-to-moment and they deserve tools that grow and shift with them (not technology that changes once a year). EdSmart’s first-class engineering team use best practice agile development methods to improve the EdSmart platform on a constant basis, with direct input and feedback from the school community and those who need it most.

The greatest compliment I can share is that Edsmart is so easy to use that the IT team hasn't yet been needed to help set up a form.

Mike Parker
Former ICT Manager,
Oxford Falls Grammar School, Australia
We use EdSmart for everything. Absolutely everything.
Everything is centralised and can be easily accessed all in one place.

Katie Richardson
Communications and Records Officer,
The Hutchins School, Australia
The EdSmart vision is absolutely right for schools. Our school has saved time, effort and real budgetary costs, while getting back new efficiency and insights. I’m proud to be a UK EdSmart user and a member of their Smart School community.

Phil Sherwood
Head Teacher,
Uplands Primary School and Nursery, UK
The response from parents has been great – they just get it! I have parents telling me how much they love [EdSmart] and how easy it is to use with everything in one place.

Alison Forster
School Information Systems Manager,
Diocese of Cairns, Australia
Once people have created and actioned one or two forms, they're off and running, and really enjoy how easy it is to do.

Carl Hogan
Head of IT,
Rangi Ruru Girls' School, New Zealand
I can attest that EdSmart is the real deal and it’s worth your time to explore how it could help your school.

Phil Sherwood
Head Teacher,
Uplands Primary School and Nursery, UK
[EdSmart] has been a lifesaver for many people, particularly since COVID, because we use it for a whole range of applications now... It has more or less become our administration platform.

Edna Galvin
St Monica's College, Australia
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EdSmart Success Stories

Oakleigh Grammar

Oakleigh Grammar in Melbourne, Australia, was one of the first schools in the world to adopt EdSmart’s online platform. Soula Mitsopoulos, Head of Senior School’s PA/VASS Administrator at Oakleigh Grammar, shares her EdSmart story.

Mount Carmel College

Mount Carmel College in Tasmania is a Catholic school for Kindergarten to Year 10 students founded by the Sisters of Charity, the first group of Women Religious to come to Australia in 1838. They are a power user of EdSmart and, after only six months, were recording 94% of their school forms returned by parents within four hours of sending!

Xavier College

Xavier College is a Catholic co-educational school in South Australia. The school is anchored in the Salesian tradition, with pastoral care integral to student life. Teacher and ICT manager of Xavier College, Anthony Sutton, lets us in on a few of their secrets as an EdSmart school.