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EdSmart’s cloud-based School Organisation System (SOS) is offered as a series of modules, which you can build on according to your school’s requirements. The EdSmart SOS takes any manual process (e.g. Google sheet, email, etc.), or paper-based school administration task, and frictionlessly replicates it in an ordered, secured online format.  

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 Broadcast Module

One-way messaging to parents and students via SMS and Email. Alerts can be sent to your parent and student body in seconds.

    • Create and distribute messages quickly
    • Pre-program the timing of  broadcast
    • Send personalised messages to a parent/student, groups of parents/students or to all parents/students
    • Send to parents and cc to students/staff or send to students and cc to parents/staff
    • Track the delivery and opening of messages and/or download of files
    • Use of options of Pre-Paid or Pay as You Go SMS bundles
    • View messaging history

Example use cases:

        • Inform parents about school closures
        • Distribute your newsletter
        • Keep parents informed during a critical incident (part of an Emergency Management Plan)
        • Send an SMS to tell students an after-school club is cancelled

  Parent Slips Module

Two-way messaging that requires responses from parents via the EdSmart SOS. There is no limit to the number or types of forms you can create.

        • Create pre-prepared templates to assist staff in quickly wizarding a form
        • Send messages to a parent, groups of parents or all parents
        • Track the delivery and opening of messages
        • Decide which staff/staff groups to cc
        • Collate and display responses graphically
        • Detail internal notes for other staff members
        • Limit numbers and open a wait list
        • Create calendar invites
        • Export responses into multiple formats for easy reference
        • Approve workflows automatically
        • Send automatic reminders to non-responders

Examples use cases:

        • Parent/guardian contact info
        • Annual student record updates
        • Medical needs
        • Dietary requirements
        • Internet medical or copyright consent
        • Permissions for excursions,
        • Field trips and camps, RSVPs, photo consents, calls for volunteers, sports activities, school camps, questionnaires, music classes and so on
        • In-school and extra-curricular activities
        • ICT policy acceptance
        • Medical forms
        • Photo and student image approvals
        • Head lice inspections
        • Walking to the local surrounding areas approval
        • Ofsted questionnaires
        • Opinions on school meals
        • Views on new school initiatives

 Student Slips Module

Distribution of messages or slips for the decisions and processes that involve your students. Parents/staff can be kept in the loop through our cc function.

        • Does not require students to download or register an app
        • Integrated with your Student Management System for ease of use
        • Branded to your school
        • Create and distribute messages quickly
        • Use unlimited templates
        • Send messages to a student, groups of students or all students
        • Track the delivery and opening of messages
        • Collate responses and display graphically
        • Export responses into multiple formats for easy reference
        • Approve workflows automatically

Examples use cases:

        • Schools council elections
        • Subject and co-curricular selection
        • Sports registrations
        • Surveys
        • Feedback forms
        • RSVPs
        • Reflection/wellbeing documents
        • Voting for leadership positions

 Absentee Slips Module

Automatic creation and distribution of online forms to parents of absent students each morning.

Notifications of absentees are sent to the parents via email (and, optionally, SMS). The returned Absentee Slips are then available within a student’s record, just like all other EdSmart SOS forms.

        • Does not require parents to download or register an app
        • Reads the absentees automatically from your Student Management System
        • Schedules the absentee notification time
        • Schedules recurring reminders to ensure parents respond
        • Tracks the delivery and opening of messages
        • Enables an easy response method for parents
        • Provides an easily accessible, complete history of student absences

 Activity Care Module

A more organised and clear display of medical, health and care information for students.

This module also includes a suite of associated features, such as attendance recording.

        • View student’s information via Activity Care tab
        • Be alerted to students with medical conditions
        • See photos of students for ease of identification
        • Export/print student information for a Slip when using offline
        • Access students quickly who have answered Slip questions with particular answers
        • Enable access for parents to their child’s care information via your school’s portal or LMS
        • Record student attendance for a Slip via a new mobile-specific page
        • Access an Audit Log for viewing and updating student records
        • Control User Permissions to limit access to care information
        • Use Recording Notes for a Slip to ensure important information is shared with other staff
        • Automatically send reminder emails to relevant staff for an impending activity

 Internal School Forms Module

Automated administrative processes to reduce non-teaching tasks.

Forms can be initiated by staff, parents or even prospective parents.

        • Does not require staff to download or register an app
        • Branded to your school
        • Create and distribute messages quickly
        • Unlimited templates
        • Speed up administrative compliance and approval processes
        • Send messages to multiple stakeholders according to your workflows
        • Track the delivery and opening of messages
        • Collate responses and display graphically
        • Export responses into multiple formats for easy reference
        • Automatic workflows

Example use cases:

        • Expressions of interest from prospective parents
        • Incident reports
        • Disciplinary reports
        • Staff leave requests
        • Professional development requests
        • Feedback forms

 Metrics and Data Analytics Module

Empower better decision-making and strategy through established metrics and quality data collection.

This module provides you with a dashboard that concisely displays key indicators for analysing your data collection process. It enables you to know ‘how things are going’, providing important insights and assisting in tracking comparisons against a time series and global averages.

With this module, you can also build custom reports to analyse behaviour and response data across your school community.

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