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Professional Services

The Professional Services team at EdSmart assists new customers coming onto the EdSmart SaaS platform, and supports customers’ ongoing use of EdSmart to ensure their success.

You can employ our Professional staff on a daily basis rate or per project fee.

To request support or services please email [email protected]

Help and Support

New Customers

Our cost proposal to your school will include the following:


The team will meet with you to run through our onboarding checklist, discuss customisation and setup of your EdSmart account, and plan the onboarding and training process and schedule.


We’ll create your EdSmart account and, where possible create and configure a data connection to your student management system. This often involves working with your IT staff to ensure the correct data is being passed to our import system.

The Team will create two new Form Templates in your EdSmart account based on your existing paper forms to give you a headstart. Plus we have packages of Form Templates we can install if you are a boarding school, designed in conjunction with the Australian Boarding Schools Association.

Single Sign On for both Google and Office 365 can be enabled on your account, or we can bulk import your staff users.


We will provide a training package to your staff, negotiated during the pre-flight meeting. The training can be delivered via online webinar, or onsite.

One Month Review

The Professional Services Team will complete a one month review with you, to ensure EdSmart is operating as requested, and to run through a checklist of items we know from experience are important indicators of success for EdSmart in your school.

Ongoing Professional Services

EdSmart can provide you with a range of work process improvement options. We are committed to guiding and assisting schools to work smarter.

We understand that schools are very busy places and the major priority is the learning environment of students.

Paper forms exist in every nook and cranny of a school. We respect that every school has it own processes and “way” of doing things. EdSmart was specifically built to enable schools to mould our solution to the needs of the school as opposed to the other way round.

We have experienced school leaders who have expertise in using EdSmart, process mapping, school improvement and solution implementation. Their assistance to make EdSmart work across your school can ensure that you are maximising the benefits, for your total school community.

We can provide a range of support services to your school including:

  • Audit your paper forms collection across all departments
  • Review and report on your school’s work processes in relation to paper forms
  • Make suggestions to improve the school’s efficient use of staff
  • Calculate, based on current usage, savings that can me made by extending the usage of EdSmart forms across the school
  • Provide a personalised EdSmart implementation strategy
  • Build new, or amend existing, Form Templates
  • Customise workflows and other configuration
  • Manipulate and manage data
  • Provide further training, including around specific features and functions, to improve EdSmart’s productivity in your school


Make the most of our services and help us help you be an efficient as possible