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Parents can now use the Digistorm schoolAPP for
Schoolbox to receive and submit online forms

A key goal for us at EdSmart is to ensure we are a cooperative part of the education technology landscape, and a signature strategy towards that goal is promoting interoperability between EdSmart and other high quality products.

Many schools in Australia, and increasingly overseas, use the Schoolbox learning management system. And many of them use the terrific Digistorm schoolAPP for Schoolbox.

Feature Highlight: Parents can now use the Digistorm SchoolAPP for Schoolbox to receive and submit online forms

EdSmart can be integrated with eduAPP, the Digistorm School App, both for notifications of new Slips, and completion of Slip forms.

Configuration is simple, please contact EdSmart to have this feature enabled.


When a new Slip is sent to parents, a notification will show on their phone. They can tap the notification to open the Digistorm app and complete the form.

App Menus

In the Digistorm app, tap Class Info.

Now the Slips menu option is available.

Tapping this link will open a list of Students with a count of any outstanding Slips for each.

Tapping the name of a Student will open a list of Slips, with incomplete ones at the top (highlighted with a red dot), and completed Slips at the bottom (green dot).

Tapping a Slip name will open the online form from EdSmart directly in the app browser window, so a Slip can be completed and submitted, or viewed if it has already been submitted.

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