EdSmart Academy offers a genuinely flexible, self-paced eLearning environment for users to get the most from their EdSmart experience. It is provided complimentary to EdSmart customers as part of their ongoing Customer Success journey.

Interactive learning of core edsmart functionality

No boring, jargon-filled docs – EdSmart Academy is a truly interactive, intuitive way of learning via colourful quizzes, activities and videos. 

Jump in and out of courses as you please, and see your daily EdSmart usage improve immeasurably. The functionality skills you’ll learn in the EdSmart Academy offer an efficiency advantage that could be a game-changer in the way you do work.

Two Courses for different skill levels

There are currently two courses available in EdSmart Academy: The Foundation Course and The Admin Course. Further courses are in development.

Foundation course

If you’re a new EdSmart user, learn the foundations of EdSmart and get started on the front foot. If you’re an experienced user, take this course as an opportunity to consolidate your knowledge.


The Foundation Course includes:

  • Navigation through the platform;
  • Creating & Sending Broadcasts;
  • Sending Parent/Student Slips;
  • Designing Form Templates;
  • Setting up Approval Workflows for a Template.

admin course

If you’re an ‘EdSmart Champion’ or looking to perfect your expertise, take your skills to the next level. Learn the ins and outs that will help you structure your internal processes for digital communications. This could potentially save your staff hours of work on an everyday basis.


The Admin Course includes:

  • EdSmart customisations
  • Manage User Groups and Permissions;
  • Keeping your platform organised;
  • Platform configurations;
  • Data management;
  • Attribute management;


To start your journey through EdSmart Academy, all you have to do is:

  1. Login to your EdSmart Platform
  2. Select the ‘Help’ icon
  3. Under the category ‘EdSmart Academy, choose : ‘Foundation Course – Enrolment Link’ or ‘Admin Course – Enrolment Link’

Then you’re ready to roll!