EdSmart’s Workflows feature lets your staff create and automate the distribution of any form, for any purpose, across multiple touch-points within your school. 

Drawing on unlimited templates, you can send messages to multiple community members according to your workflows (i.e. sequences of tasks from start to finish), speeding up both administrative compliance and approval processes.

Multiple Workflow Actions

EdSmart has a library of workflow customisable actions to suit your workflow requirements. Workflow actions determine the type of flow you would like to set up with your form (e.g. approve, send a copy or send to next staff member). Parent Consent Slips can be embedded with a simple Approve action allowing administrators to approve the slip before it is sent off live to parents.

School Forms have the ability to use multiple different types of workflow actions, and you can have the form automatically send a copy to a particular user/user group. Maybe you want sections of a Leave Form filled out by HR? You can set up a workflow action so the form is sent to the next staff member to be completed.

Field Groups

Create one form that passes through multiple departments with each department filling out their relevant sections. The ability to lock and unlock fields offers a powerful way to control a form as it moves through any number of workflow steps.

These Field Groups can be locked and unlocked when the workflow reaches the appropriate department.  Let’s take a look at a Staff Leave Form example:

  1. Teacher applies for leave by filling in Section A of the form;
  2. Section B is locked and cannot be accessed by the teacher;
  3. Teacher Sends to Next Staff Member;
  4. Form is delivered to HR and Section B is unlocked for HR office to complete.

The possibilities are limitless with EdSmart using a combination of our smart workflows with Fields Groups.

Customise Workflow Steps

There are two ways in which you can set up a workflow action:

  1. Any selected user can action – Assign multiple users and all these users will receive a notification request for approval. The first user to login and approve the form will be the approver.
  2. Choose from one selected user – Assign multiple users to workflow steps and the Form Creator gets to choose the appropriate person for approval and only the selected individual will receive an email notification.

Conditional Workflows

Our latest improvement to workflows is the ability to create pre-determined workflows for a Form Template. Automating workflows by setting up the Approver based on the responses provided by the Form Creator (i.e. the individual filling out the form) eases their burden and ensures the form goes to the correct person automatically. 

Without Conditional Workflows, applicants could accidentally select the incorrect approver.

An example of the Conditional Workflow use case can be seen below.