Introduce photo, video and media consent into your EdSmart automation with Photo Management – the leading media management system for schools, powered by pixevety.


Reduce the daily stress and privacy pitfalls of your school community managing and sharing photos, videos and other media featuring children.

This hassle-free photo management platform sits within your EdSmart Forms, providing your school with a private, individually locked-down, bespoke online gallery that automatically tags every photo with parental or guardian permissions.

Safe, secure and easy to use, the system created and powered by pixevety is the only OAIC privacy-registered Photo Management platform on the market, and it is seamlessly integrated into EdSmart.  

Simply use an EdSmart Form to collect your photo and/or video consent from parents and that data is then securely transferred into the School Gallery section of your Photo Management account on pixevety’s platform. From here, all the ‘heavy lifting’ – student identification, consent management, the ability to search and filter photos based on consent before sharing and so on – occurs without intervention by the school.

Set up Photo Management

Photo Management is available to all EdSmart schools. Schools on the EdSmart Transform package can access Photo Management at no extra charge from EdSmart. However, all schools will need to be a pixevety customer before they can turn on Photo Management in EdSmart.

To create a pixevety account, please email [email protected] including the subject line ‘Create a new pixevety account’. A team member will then lead you through the process to create an account.

If you already have a pixevety account, email [email protected] with the subject line ‘Verify my pixevety account’. We will then verify your pixevety customer account and switch on the integration.

You’re now ready to manage your photo consents!

Configuring the feature in the Parent Slip

When a school sets up a Parent Slip (a form to parents) they can configure pixevety consent by using the  Form Template Designer.

  1. Pixevety feature is available in the Parent section of the Form Designer.
  2. Users can drag the feature and place it into the Parent section for the parents to fill out.
  3. Once the feature is added to the Template, the user can send the Slip to the parents.

All your school staff need to do is search and filter content to ensure school media is shared and published according to the consent wishes of parents and guardians.



Never chase photo consent forms again and build confidence in knowing your consent processes are valid! With Photo Management, your school photo processes and media consent become:

  • Consistent – thanks to an integrated, electronic approach to consent and photo management that is easy to use and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.
  • Complete – because the system covers all aspects of photo management and consent. Staff will have greater peace of mind that they are using and publishing content based on the up-to-date wishes of parents.
  • Compliant – using a system that is Australian-based, OAIC-registered, built on privacy-by-design and leveraging the latest in leading photo management technology to provide your staff, parents and students with a greater sense of comfort.