EdSmart Processes lets you build administrative workflows around common processes in your school, adding automation and triggers to reduce the heads-on work of teaching and administrative staff.

Many-to-Many Process Builder

Connect the Dots

Link and automate your templates, forms and documents into an end-to-end process to accomplish key operational and administrative tasks across your school. Set triggers to build workflows – for example, when a staff member has completed an Activity Application form, a Risk Assessment Form is triggered. Once approved, this can trigger a Parent Permission Slip, and so on.

Share Data Sets for Efficiency

The Process Module allows your school staff to configure data fields and responses in forms so they can be shared between other documents and across departments and community members where needed or relevant. This reduces duplicated effort and helps staff work smarter.

Added Oversight for Management

Senior staff such as risk managers, business managers and principals can view the progress of a Process and its various components, creating new transparency and oversight assistance. For example, a governance lead can see the risk assessment approval status of planned activities across the school.