An easy-to-use excursion risk management solution, SafeTripBuilder – powered by CompliSpace – integrates elegantly with EdSmart’s excursion workflow.


SafeTripBuilder is the easy way for your school to achieve consistent, complete and correct excursion risk assessments. It generates a specific risk assessment for each excursion your school does.


Your teachers and approvers save time and frustration because SafeTripBuilder removes the guesswork from excursion risk management.SafeTripBuilder

How does SafeTripBuilder work?

SafeTripBuilder combines risk content, provider management and an intuitive risk management workflow to guide a teacher, step-by-step, through a series of drop-down menus that dynamically change based on the teacher’s selections.

The system then automatically generates a risk profile, checklist, policies and risk assessment.

Risk assessments you can trust

Your SafeTripBuilder risk assessments, content and checklists will be:

Consistent – regardless of your staff’s experience or expertise.
Complete – because the system covers all aspects of an excursion so teachers and approvers don’t have to worry about forgetting something
Correct – because the content is not only created by experts, it’s also kept up-to-date with changes in the law and best practice

How does it fit with EdSmart’s excursion workflow?

SafeTripBuilder is a School Form type within EdSmart, so you can launch it just like any other EdSmart form, or add to a Process module workflow as part of your end-to-end excursion management process.