Broadcasts lets you send emails and/or SMS text messages to your parent and student body safely and securely in seconds without requiring a response. It’s ideal for one-way messages or information that demands quick distribution such as newsletters, school closure alerts, or change of venue information. For text messages, use your choice of Pre-Paid or Pay-as-You-Go SMS bundles.

One-Way Messaging via Email, SMS and App

Personalisation at Scale

Personalise important messaging to groups of parents and students within your school community, and copy staff members wherever required. Attach important files you need people to access.

Tracking and Verification

Trust that critical messages have been received with tracking of delivery, opening and downloading of any attached files. View messaging histories and reporting analytics at both school and individual levels to understand your communication effectiveness.

Scheduling and Triggers

Schedule Broadcasts ahead of time to set your mind at ease and build them into larger processes using the EdSmart Process Module. Create new Broadcasts based on responses and recipient behavior.