Activity Care

Activity Care is your indispensable tool for looking after students when they’re working outside the classroom. It offers thorough medical, health and care information records for students on-the-go, and messaging for parents or staff around activities and the care of their children.

Medical Data for Activities Outside the Classroom

Medical Data at Your Fingertips

Organised student medical, health and care information for staff, when and where they need it most, with photos of students for ease of identification and filters to sort. Parents can check data is up-to-date via your portal or Learning Management System, and staff can record student attendance, export or print as needed.

Security and Alerts

Receive alerts anywhere, anytime, for students with medical conditions that require medicine or attention. Control user permissions to limit access to care information and access an audit log for viewing and updating student records. Add notes for important information that needs to be shared with other staff, and automatically send reminder emails to relevant staff for an impending activity.

On-the-Road App for Staff

For those staff managing education outside the classroom, access to computers or internet connectivity is often limited. When you use the Activity Care Module you receive access to the EdSmart Activity Care App for staff, which provides secure and complete offline access to student medical profiles for regular treatment and in case of emergencies. Manage attendance and any issues on-the-go.