Absentees is your tool for automating and streamlining the administration of absence notifications and responses between parents on a daily basis.

Automated Handling of Absentees

Automation Does the Work

The Absentee Module reads absentees automatically from your Student Management System and sends communications to parents of absent students each morning vis email (and, optionally, SMS). Capture the reason for absence and anything else you need. Returned forms are available within a student’s record, as with all other EdSmart forms.

Tracking and Reminders

Track the delivery, opening and response rates for messages, and access an up-to-date, complete history of student absences whenever you need to. Schedule absentee notification times and schedule recurring reminders to ensure parents respond.

Integration into School Systems

The Absentee Module is fully integrated into your existing Student Management System and carries your school branding. Busy parents don’t need to download and register yet another app or tool.

EdSmart was founded in 2014 by parents and entrepreneurs Fiona Boyd and David Eedle, who grew tired of filling out endless school paperwork for their three children. Fiona (a former ABC broadcaster and start-up founder) and David (a successful technologist and founder) decided to help solve the problem.

Starting with simple school forms – and growing to encompass internal staff administration processes, forms and tasks – EdSmart has evolved into the go-to enterprise solution for improving workflows and reducing stakeholder workload.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, EdSmart has a global customer community, with educational institutions across nine countries. 

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