Edsmart sms

SMS helps schools improve their response rates for Slips sent to parents, and the view rate for Broadcasts. Combined with Broadcast templates, SMS can be a very valuable part of a school’s emergency communications plan for parents, students and staff.

You can purchase credits either Pre-paid at 8c or Post-paid at 10c.



EdSmart’s SMS Broadcasts can include attachments,  making it easy for parents, students and staff to download files from text messages. 

EdSmart’s granular reporting allows schools to track recipients that have downloaded the file. 

With a click of a button, you can resend to those recipients that haven’t seen the message.


EdSmart displays a preview of the SMS being sent, so you can be sure your critical communications are accurately represented before pushing the send button.


EdSmart’s Broadcasts can be critical during emergency situations. Multiple Broadcast templates can be set up in advance – fire, flood, bomb threat – so you’re ready for any scenario.

And because EdSmart is cloud-based and not reliant on your on-premises equipment, you can message all parents, students and staff no matter what happens.