Watch panels, presentations and instructional sessions from our library of webinars

Where are the big thinkers in school leadership heading?

In this free webinar, five outstanding school leaders from Australia and New Zealand shared how they’re applying their insights from the last few months to move forward.


Emergency Management for COVID-19 Webinar

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Fiona Boyd, and Schools Advisor, Sam Sapuppo, go through emergency action plans and implementation for schools and school networks during the COVID-19 crisis, especially as schools globally move toward remote learning.

Powerful Digital Workflows for Schools Webinar

Presented by Jess and Richard from the EdSmart team, this webinar explores benefits of digital workflows and how schools can enhance and streamline their usage through EdSmart. We featured an outstanding walkthrough video from one of our Smart Schools, All Saints’ College in WA on how the school goes about completing their PD applications simply and efficiently using EdSmart end-to-end.


Customise Your Dashboard Webinar

CUSTOMISE YOUR DASHBOARD is a back-to-basics instructional webinar – one that you could consider a demonstration of EdSmart’s platform. We’ll get you familiar with our dashboard so you can see the practical power of EdSmart and how it could work for you.

Presented by CEO and Co-Founder, Fiona Boyd, and Customer Support Manager, Theresa Klunk, this webinar will explore the ins and outs of the EdSmart Dashboard and how you, as a valued customer, can optimise and enhance your EdSmart experience.


EdSmart x CompliSpace (SafeTripBuilder) Webinar

EdSmart has partnered with CompliSpace to integrate their excursion risk management solution – SafeTripBuilder – with your EdSmart excursion management workflow.

Presented by CompliSpace’s Managing Director, David Griffiths, this webinar will explore the partnership between CompliSpace (SafeTripBuilder) and EdSmart.

In this webinar you can:

  • Learn about the most common challenges of excursion risk

  • Learn about excursion risk best practice

  • See a demo of SafeTripBuilder

  • See how SafeTripBuilder integrates with EdSmart


EdSmart's 'All About Excursions' Webinar

Excursions and activities are integral to a complete learning experience, so it’s likely your school’s excursion, activities and camp programs are high on your curriculum agenda.

EdSmart’s Director of Customer Experience, Sam Sapuppo co-hosts this webinar with EdSmart’s Business Development Executive, Jess Bowler. In this webinar, they examine best-practice for excursions and activities, and demonstrate how the EdSmart platform can be used as a solution to meet excursion requirements.


EdSmart x Schoolbox - Tools for Smarter Schools Webinar

EdSmart’s Hari Sivanesan and Schoolbox Co-Founder, Sean Richards, will take you through all the nitty-gritty details of our partnership.

This exclusive webinar invites you to deep dive into our robust integration and will cover topics such as:

Why we partnered together;

The results schools are achieving through our shared technology;

A deep-dive on the integration and its functionality, and;

The plans for our future roadmap.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to find out how more leading schools succeed with the EdSmart x Schoolbox integration.


EdSmart was founded in 2014 by parents and entrepreneurs Fiona Boyd and David Eedle, who grew tired of filling out endless school paperwork for their three children. Fiona (a former ABC broadcaster and start-up founder) and David (a successful technologist and founder) decided to help solve the problem.

Starting with simple school forms – and growing to encompass internal staff administration processes, forms and tasks – EdSmart has evolved into the go-to enterprise solution for improving workflows and reducing stakeholder workload.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, EdSmart has a global customer community, with educational institutions across nine countries. 

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