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EdSmart is the leading enterprise platform for digitising and automating school admin. Create any form, for any person, collecting any data, with any workflow.

Best Practice Guide: Excursions

At EdSmart we work with 1000s of schools around Australia and beyond. We have great expose to best practices at work, and are helping shape emerging best practices around technology scaffolds to support those processes. To help schools make sense of it all, we have created this complimentary best practice guide to developing excursion and incursion processes. Please download and make the most of it!

Community eBook for Schools

If your school doesn’t yet have a customer experience strategy or operating model, now’s the time to start the journey. This complimentary eBook offers insights and practical frameworks to support principals, deputies and other school leaders in understanding, prioritising and delivering customer experience strategy.

Due Diligence Checklist

Don’t buy an edtech product without asking these critical questions of your vendor.

There’s rarely a week that passes without news of a technology incident compromising our data and livelihoods. Increasingly, those incidents are impacting schools as they, too, digitally transform and modernise systems.

Checklist: From Paper to Digital

The climate is ripe for schools to digitise and automate processes that remove staff manual effort. In order to achieve this transformation, a K-12 school needs to implement the most appropriate digital system to support their workflows and ambitions. Tasks such as digitising medical forms and permission slips are the tip of the iceberg. Preparing to upgrade from paper to digital? Follow this checklist for a comprehensive guide.

Data Breach Response Plan

Make sure your school is safe, sensible and compliant with the latest legislation around data protection and data breaches. Download your complimentary Data Breach Response Plan to add to your preparation toolkit. This plan is designed for Australian schools but can be adapted for any school looking to add more rigour to their data management regime.

Emergency Management Guide

Is your school emergency plan reliable in a crisis?

The immediate, emotional effects of a school emergency exacerbate the challenge. And those effects are often driven by a lack of clear information and instruction. There is no time like the present – while the ‘weather’ is fine – to review and practice your emergency procedures so you’re, as much as possible, ready for anything.

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