EdSmart works closely with a small group of key partners to deliver enhanced functionality and services.

EdSmart is a Canvas partner, and integrated into Canvas as an LTI application, enabling parents and students to review past forms, and complete and create new forms. 

Civica is a market-leading specialist in software, technology, and ICT services for libraries and educational institutions. EdSmart is partnered with Civica for integration to the Civica Enterprise Suite, and a part of the consortia rolling out to all State schools in South Australia.

Denbigh Administration simplifies school administration, while being flexible enough to match a school’s unique requirements. EdSmart reads data via Denbigh’s REST FM API and has worked closely with Denbigh to refine the API to suit EdSmart’s needs.

Digistorm creates custom app, website and enrolment systems K-12 schools in Australia, the United States and around the world. EdSmart is natively integrated into the Digistorm App, enabling parents to receive in-app notifications of new forms, and complete and submit the forms within the app.

MUSAC is a Ministry of Education accredited vendor of school administration software, providing New Zealand schools with an extensive suite of applications for the administration of all school types. EdSmart reads data from the MUSAC API, and has worked with MUSAC to create custom API methods to suit EdSmart’s needs.


Schoolbox is an all-in-one learning management system, community portal and engagement platform. EdSmart is an LTI application inside Schoolbox enabling parents and students to review past forms, and complete and create new forms.

EdSmart is proud to partner with School EasyPay to provide credit and debit card payment facilities on EdSmart’s forms. School EasyPay is an easy, tailor-made solution for collecting all types of school fees and is used by leading schools across Australia.

SIMON is a Learning Management Software solution for primary and secondary schools that saves time, is easy to use and improves learning. EdSmart is integrated into SIMON’s parent portal enabling parents and students to review past forms, and complete and create new forms.

TSI World is a leading ICT company providing services to UK schools. The team is experienced and knowledgeable in delivering ICT services and solutions focused on education and business, and have a strong pedigree in engineering; they are recognised for their ability to successfully deliver ICT into complex multi-disciplinary environments.

CompliSpace is a leading provider of governance, risk, compliance and policy (GRC&P) programs and consulting services for Australian schools. The CompliSpace Excursion Risk Management Solution integrates with EdSmart’s excursion management workflow to deliver best-practice excursion risk management for schools.

Cole School Experts

We provide Consultancy, Finance, Accounting and Software services to independent schools across Australia and New Zealand. Collaborating with our Strategic Partners we provide the one-stop-shop for school Business Managers and their Finance, Administration, Human Resource and Operations teams. As part of the Cole Community, we support Business Managers and their teams across the whole sphere of their school operations.

EdSmart was founded in 2014 by parents and entrepreneurs Fiona Boyd and David Eedle, who grew tired of filling out endless school paperwork for their three children. 

Fiona – a former ABC broadcaster and start-up founder – and David – a successful technologist and founder – decided to help solve the problem.

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