SIMON and EdSmart

EdSmart is proud to partner with SIMON to deliver seamless access to EdSmart’s forms for parents and students in the SIMON Parent Access Module


Starting in one school in Ballarat, SIMON has grown to enhance the learning of more than 65,000 primary and secondary students across Victoria and South Australia in Catholic, government and independent schools. SIMON continues to be run by passionate and committed educators. SIMON is easy to use. It simply works when you need it to and it saves time.

SIMON Parent Access Module

EdSmart integrates into SIMON via an  iFrame solution for parents and students. This integration is plug and play. Parents and students are automatically signed EdSmart, there is no separate authentication required.

Full Access to Slips and Broadcasts

The user can view of all the forms and broadcasts exchanged between them and the school. If there are outstanding forms, these will be highlighted. The user can also create a new form. The My Forms page includes:

• Initiation of new Parent Initiated Forms
• Continuation of Parent Initiated Forms saved in progress
• Highlighting of new forms requiring parent completion
• Searchable history of forms and broadcasts back one year