Activity Care Module 2018-04-05T05:45:24+00:00

A more organised and clear display of medical, health and care information for students.

This module also includes a suite of associated features, such as attendance recording.

        • View student’s information via Activity Care tab
        • Be alerted to students with medical conditions
        • See photos of students for ease of identification
        • Export/print student information for a Slip when using offline
        • Access students quickly who have answered Slip questions with particular answers
        • Enable access for parents to their child’s care information via your school’s portal or LMS
        • Record student attendance for a Slip via a new mobile-specific page
        • Access an Audit Log for viewing and updating student records
        • Control User Permissions to limit access to care information
        • Use Recording Notes for a Slip to ensure important information is shared with other staff
        • Automatically send reminder emails to relevant staff for an impending activity