Board and the Team

Board and the Team

The Board

Michael Brooks,

Michael’s executive career has mainly centred on Foster’s Group/Treasury Wine Estates but he was recently augmented by roles at Exego Group (Repco) and Target (a division of Wesfarmers). He has also served on many internal boards within Foster’s Group over an extended period. 
Michael has now transitioned to a non-executive career and is currently involved with three enterprises – viz: Chairman of a private timber and hardware business and Non-Executive Director of an innovator in the sustainable management and value-added conversion of consumer food-related co-products; and Non-Executive Director of a rapidly growing craft brewer. 

David Eedle,
Co-Founder & CEO

David has more than 25 years of experience across the governance, management, marketing and technology of small-to-medium digital enterprises, working in Australia and the USA. He has architected numerous online platforms with a specific focus on SaaS content and administration systems, and brought that experience to bear through co-founding multiple technology companies with successful exits. David has a passion for the ways technology can solve everyday problems in business and community, and sees EdSmart as the perfect vehicle to help and support educators and administrators worldwide. 

Tim Fry

Tim Fry,

Tim is an experienced finance professional and company director with a broad and deep experience across national and multinational businesses. His previous roles include Group Financial Controller for Bulla Dairy Foods, General Manager for Nicholas Crowder property management, Financial Director for Seal Analytical Ltd and International Financial Controller for LTX Europe Ltd. 

Matt den Elzen

Matt den Elzen

Matt has over 25 years of experience across investment management, strategy consulting and marketing & management roles in large public companies, privately-held growth businesses and start-ups. His broad industry exposure ranges from advising ASX-50 and Fortune 500 executives at The Boston Consulting Group to roles developing privately owned businesses in the catalogue retail and food markets. He has served as a director in both commercial and not-for-profit environments, and now operates as Investment Manager for Scanlon Capital where he has assumed directorships for both Melbourne Martini Pty Ltd (Chair) and Cloud Paper Group Pty Ltd. 

Claire Marriot

Claire Marriott

As Managing Director of Radi8, the trusted market entry and expansion service for growth stage technology companies, Claire leads global headhunting projects for high growth businesses across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. She co-founded the Australia’s #Tech Diversity Awards, leading 13 industry groups and businesses to drive a culture of inclusion across Australian technology industries. Claire also serves as an Industry Advisory board member for the Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics at Deakin University, with a primary interest in increasing the number of young girls choosing STEM subjects. 

Arthur Weng

Arthur Weng holds a double Masters degree in Professional Accounting and Finance from Deakin University. He previously held positions in the asset management divisions in the Evergrande Group in China and Accor Hotel Group in Australia. As the co-founder and managing partner of Sky Jade Partners, Arthur is in charge of transaction structuring, project roadshow, asset management, and investor relations. 

The Team

Fiona Boyd

Fiona Boyd
Co-Founder & Director Business Development

A former ABC broadcaster, Fiona is one of Australia’s earliest and most successful start-up entrepreneurs. In 2000, she co-founded Arts Hub and grew the business to a paid subscriber base of over 10,000. She also co-founded Arts Hub’s sister site, Screen Hub, and various other online businesses, including REmessenger – a social platform for real estate agents, which sold to partners in Silicon Valley – and Folk Like Me – an early social network for communities of interest. Fiona is passionate about using technology to empower relationships and a greater good. She is a mother of three, a dedicated runner and follows a deeply held meditation practice. 

Ellen Richards,
Commercial Director

Ellen consults and works with the EdSmart founders and team to deliver business focussed solutions and value for K-12 schools, and to grow the global footprint of happy customers. She is passionate about all things digital and online education to improve teaching and learning outcomes. Travel, surf and sun are high on her priority list.

Sonja Bijou,
Solutions Architect

Sonja has over 25 years of experience in the development and strategy of IT solutions across dozens of top Australian and international companies. Her expertise is in web application development and B2B/EAI systems integration, leading scores of teams to implement scalable, maintainable, cost-effective products and integration architectures. Designing IT solutions to meet business needs is her bread and butter, and inspiring teams to bring these designs to fruition gives her a warm feeling inside. However, she is also passionate about writing code herself and considers it crucial to stay abreast of evolving technologies (while also finding the process wonderfully creative). 

Nick Ward,
Sales Manager

Nick comes from a science and maths background but has spent most of his career in sales and marketing roles in the travel industry. In his 10 years with STA Travel, he moved from sales leadership to head the customer and retail operations department. He also spent a similar time with Amadeus IT Pacific leading a large sales team across Australia and the Pacific region. With a daughter in primary school, Nick joined EdSmart to use his experience to help schools find technology solutions to their problems. When not working, he is an avid ocean swimmer, enjoying the magnificent waters from his home base of Sydney.

Theresa Klunk,
Program Manager

With a background in Computer Science, Theresa’s love of sharing knowledge and helping people get the most out of their technologies led her into the SaaS Customer Support space. Theresa joined EdSmart in 2017 as Customer Support Engineer, eventually progressing to Customer Support Manager and then Programme Manager. Her contributions include creating our company intranet, help centre and knowledge base, as well as many internal business processes. She is currently project managing the rollout of EdSmart within the Civica Education Suite (CES) Consortium to all schools under the Department of Education, South Australia. Her hobbies include powerlifting, gardening and birdwatching. 

Kai Vendanayagam,
Customer Success Manager

Kai’s main focus at EdSmart is the onboarding of new schools and coaching them through their early transition to help achieve success with the EdSmart platform. His energy and entrepreneurial spirit has seen him work with a leading SaaS company in the SMSF industry, a charity based start-up and running his own driving school – Kai’s Driving Academy. His uplifting approach empowers schools to take action and accelerate their growth in the digital administration and communication space; to ultimately redirect their resources to student education. 

Shashi Sreenivasa,
Customer Support Lead

Shashi has over 10 years of experience in customer support, helping clients in a variety of industries including banking, life sciences and healthcare. He predominantly handles support requests for EdSmart, working closely with the success team to provide a seamless application experience for customers by highlighting feature improvement queries, solving bugs and testing product changes. As the father of a young boy, he spends most of his time outside work watching his son learning new things and catching up on sports from around the world. 

Stephen Tucker,
Software Developer

Stephen has spent his career implementing and maintaining software solutions for a diverse range of organisations. Most recently, he worked for an SaaS LMS provider before joining the EdSmart team early in 2021. He has a passion for delivering quality software that fulfils the needs and expectations of end-users. As a father of five children in primary and secondary schools, he is also well-acquainted with school-to-parent communications from the parent’s perspective, something which he seeks to improve through his work at EdSmart. 

Kedi Peng,
Software Developer

Kedi works closely with the engineering team to assist with the planning, design and implementation of infrastructure and functionality for the EdSmart platform. She was initially trained as an electronics engineer but her interest in IT saw her pursue an IT Masters degree in Australia. Kedi is a self-driven developer and she believes in the power of learning. She has a particular interest in new technologies and putting them into practice, which she brings to her work at EdSmart. 

Ira Badola,
Marketing Coordinator

Ira is a dedicated marketing professional with background experience in deploying strategic plans and designing creatives. With a go-getter attitude and optimistic vision, she works as Marketing Coordinator at EdSmart.

Her purpose and passion lie in developing unique ideas and bringing creativity to her work. She is a plant lady and loves spending time at home with her family watching Disney movies and going for long walks. 

Clea Boyd-Eedle,
Sales and Marketing Assistant

Clea is an avid marketer with a keen interest in connecting brands with consumers using well thought-out strategy and well-crafted content. She has a keen eye for detail and enjoys analysing data and performance to inform future marketing and sales tactics.

Having a passion for global awareness and social issues, Clea maintains and intertwines these values with her interest in marketing and sales. She also loves travelling to new places and immersing herself in new, exciting (and often challenging!) experiences.

Emma Westwood,
Content Strategist and Producer

Emma is a keen content strategist who absolutely adores coming up with the overarching narrative mosaic that is magically revealed from the smaller stories contained within it. She relishes in finding these opportunities for clients that they may not see otherwise.

From industries as diverse as advanced manufacturing, OT cybersecurity, social and community housing and edtech to film distributors/exhibitors, DVD labels, cultural festivals and arts institutions, Emma has thrived on the creative challenges that each organisation brings, Every brand has a human story; it’s just a matter of unwrapping that story and giving it wings.