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This document forms our Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) with you. In order to use the EdSmart platform your school must understand and accept this agreement. This document is in addition to your DSA with any 3rd party. You must ensure that you have a suitable DSA with each third party. This DSA implies no warranty.

The EdSmart Platform

EdSmart is the leader in paper form automation in schools, helping schools to digitise manual processes, dramatically reduce costs and improve liability management.

Data in EdSmart

Student and Parent Contact Information

EdSmart is designed to operate using the minimum personal information. In order to function it requires:

  • Student First Name and Last Name
  • Parent First Name and Last Name
  • Parent Email
  • If the optional Two Factor Authentication feature is used, then the Parent’s Mobile Phone number is also required.

This information is sourced from your school either via manual import or automated data transfer from your school’s management information system.

School User Accounts

Your staff may have user accounts to log intoEdSmart. We maintain the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Country
  • Time Zone

This is the minimum information necessary to deliver user functionality.

Other Information – Via Form Templates

The online forms managed by you can contain any number of custom fields. These fields are generic, they can be text fields, checkboxes or select lists. You can labels these fields, and in the case of checkboxes and select lists, labels the options presented and thus control what information is provided to you by people completing the forms.

EdSmart does not exercise any control over what you use these fields for. A warning is displayed at the top of the Form Design page to remind you to give consideration to what personal or sensitive information you are capturing via the forms.

Transfer and Use of Personal Information

EdSmart enables you to create online forms to capture information. Some of this information may be personal and/or sensitive. The data captured can be exported by you and transferred to other databases or online systems. The extent of Personal Information shared with these systems will depend upon each 3rd party’s requirements and you must have an explicit DSA to that effect with each partner.

Data Hosting

All data in EdSmart is hosted by Microsoft Azure:

Europe’s privacy regulators have determined that the contractual privacy protections Azure delivers to its enterprise cloud customers meet current EU standards for international transfers of data.


EdSmart employs browser cookies to improve your experience within the platform. Parents who are only completing online forms do not need to have cookies enabled. School users logging into EdSmart must have cookies enabled.

Data Security and Access

Physical and Network Security

Full details of Microsoft’s comprehensive approach to data security can be found at:
Microsoft publishes a white paper detailing security, privacy and compliance for the Azure hosting service:

Application Security

You can create users (staff members) who can log into the EdSmart website and view and modify data. There are options available to control the level of access to data for a user. It is your responsibility to consider that level and type of access each of your users will have.

Data Access

The EdSmart Group maintains a range of physical and procedural internal controls over access within the organisation to your data and minimises access to only those personnel within our company that is necessary to maintain and deliver the EdSmart service to you.

Our support team are able to resolve or advise you on any technical issues that you encounter while using EdSmart. Often it is necessary for an EdSmart support technicians to view the issue with you, in order to diagnose it fully and offer a solution. In circumstances where support technicians need to view the issue with you, they might ask your permission to access EdSmart account; or use remote tools to view your computer while you are using EdSmart,  in which case you should remain at your computer and supervise the entire session.  All of our remote sessions allow you to retain control and allow you to terminate the session at any time.  If your issue escalates and an additional support technician is required, then additional EdSmart staff may join the remote session.

You are reminded that you should avoid sending personal information, such as student/contact records, to EdSmart directly.  You certainly should only send such information when supported by strong encryption, if there is an explicit requirement to do so. EdSmart’s staff will advise the most secure method for transfer if there is such an explicit requirement.

Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use

Your school is required to consent to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use for EdSmart as published on the our web site:

Further Information

If you require further information please contact us [email protected].